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10.00 - 21.30

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Monday - Sunday


Visa, MarterCard, Diners Club cards

Fashion Show 2009 Prêt A Porter (Autumn/Summer) 2009, Paris Prêt A Porter (Spring/Summer) 2010, Paris
Fashion Show 2008 Bangkok International Fashion Week 2008 Prêt A Porter (Spring/Summer) 2008, Paris
Fashion Show 2007 Bangkok International Fashion Week 2007 Prêt A Porter (Spring/Summer) 2007 Prêt A Porter (Autumn/Winter) 2007, Paris
Fashion Show 2006 Bangkok Fashion Week 2006 Australia Fashion Week 2006 Prêt A Porter 2006, Paris The Bangkok Fashion City Road Show in New York 2006, Fashion Coterie, New York
And more, please visit http://www.tube-gallery.com/profile.html

How to get there :

Connecting to Siam Square Station

2 minutes walk from MBK

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