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This Buddhist temple was built more than 300 years ago. The architecture and decoration of the stupa, temple, and bell tower are beautiful examples of traditional Thai Buddhist construction. The templeand monastery complex includes a statue of LuangPu Thuat, a former abbot of the templerespected by Buddhists throughout Thailand. LuangPu Thuat was acknowledged as a leader in Buddhist education, but was also the subject of several legends. It is said that he was able to turn sea water into fresh water. The venerable monk died in Malaysia, but his body was brought back to Wat Chang Hai for cremation.

An annual festival to pay respect to his bone and ashes is held in April. The Wat Chang Hai Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Centre also displays and sells many southern handicrafts such as Batik, miniature Kolae boats, handicrafts, mats, and ceramics.

Wat Cheng Hai is in Ban Pa Rai, Tambon Tung Pala, close to the railway  between Na Pradu and Pa Rai Stations, about 31 kilometers from Pattani town. By car, takeHighway 42 past the Na Ket Junction, then takeHighway409 past Na Pradu Municipality and Wat Chang Hai Training Centre and turn to Wat Chang Haianother 700 meters.


The temple complex is open daily 8.00 am-5.00 pm. For more information, call 0 7352 2411.

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