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 Tha Lane Bay is dubbed as one of the most beautiful mangrove forests in Thailand. The bay was sheltered by columns of magnificent limestone canyons and the lagoons inside. Due to its pristine ecosystem and unspoiled conditions, it may soon as well become an official national park of Thailand. Kayaking is always a favourite marine sport but at Tha Lane Bay, you will experience it differently. Moving around the mangrove can be difficult so the boats here are more canoe-like and self-bailing with light plastic seat on top, meaning your legs will poke out of the boat and you are likely to get wet you may consider dressing accordingly.


Contact: +6687-283-7755


Getting there: A 30-minute ride on a local Song Thaeo which can be found in front of Suwanna pharmacy store in the municipality. Alternatively, drive along Krabi city-AoTha Lane Route.


Opening hours: Daily 24 hours


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