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Located only a couple of hours from Bangkok, Khao Nang Phanthurat (Khao Chao Lai Yai) is an important attraction either for its natural resources or its historical background. It is believed that this is where the folktale which later became the source of folk literature titled ‘Sang Thong’ is originated. As the story goes, Phanthurat is a giant who adopted Phra Sang as her child while she and her servants disguised themselves as human. One day, Phra Sang entered the prohibited district, bathed himself in the golden pool, grabbed a disguise costume and other magical items, and then flew away. When returned and could not find her child, the giant went after Phra Sang and begged him to come back without success. She, subsequently, grieved and exploded to death as told in a legend of Mueng Petch. Phra Sang arranged a cremation and the giant’s body turned into a mountain. As a result, people have called the mountain ‘Khao Nang Phanthurat’ or ‘Khao Nang Norn’ until present.Along the road to the forest park, there are stand-alone mountains of which surface appears to undergo some kind of explosion and drilling, giving away the collapse of limestone layer in the past. Once entering the area of preservation and restoration of Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park, the sight is replaced with the greenness of thickly grown tree and the atmosphere becomes a forest-fresh that is completely different from that of the city area.            Attractions in Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park1. The ParkFamilies can find some space to sit and chill out in the park area which is surrounded by Phanthurat mountain range. The area is shady and the air is clean, making the place best for a relaxing day. Visitors will also hear birds singing all day long.      2. Khao Namg Phanthurat Information PavilionInformation on the forest park and photos are available here. Parts of the park are named after the legend of the giant, such as the Exploding Phanthurat, Phanthurat’s Cinerary Urn, Phanthurat’s Looking Glass, Phanthurat’s Crematory and Phra Sang’s Bath.3. Phanthurat’s CrematoryThe crematory is located in the parking space. The nature study trail starts here. 4. Phanthurat’s Looking Glass5. Phra Sang’s BathThe pool was built according to the legend that Phra Sang bathed himself in a golden pool, took s disguise costume and other magical items before flying away from Phanthurat.There is no accommodation available at Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park. Those who wish to stay overnight must bring their own tent and ask for permission directly from the forest park staff. A privately-owned restaurant named ‘Krua Sang Thong’ is open for visitors. How to reach Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest ParkDrive along the Cha-Am – Chao Samran beach road, passing the irrigation canal of the Italcementi Group and Wat Nong Ta Pod Road. Take Nikom Khuen Petch – Ban Nong Ta Pod Road and arrive at the forest park. Distance is about 10 km. The road to the entrance is a dusty red-soiled gravel road with potholes all along the way.     

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