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Monday - Friday

09.30 - 17.00

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Officially opened on 26 August 2004, GIT Gem and Jewelry Museum aims to enhance knowledge and understanding as well as motivate youths and people to recognize the value of Thailand’s gems and jewelry business. You will get to browse around the displays of precious stones and metals to learn a variety of types, categories, cutting styles and the history of gemstone mining in Thailand through eight zones: 

- Zone A : Origin and gemstone mines in Thailand

- Zone B : Gemstones Classification

- Zone C : Diamond

- Zone D : Cutting and jewelry manufacturing

- Zone E : Organic gemstone

- Zone F : Synthetic gemstone

- Zone G : Gold mines and precious metals

- Zone H : Fashion jewelry

The walking tour is ended at the Theatre Room that shows a video portraying how gemstones turn into beautiful jewelries.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 09.30 a.m.-05.00 p.m. 

Admission: 200 Baht. 

Contact: www.git.or.th


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