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The first thing to bear in mind is that you’ll probably be traveling for many hours to reach Bangkok, in some cases 16-24 hours, or longer.  So you will have jetlag, which takes many people at least several days to overcome.  Therefore, you’re well advised to add a few days on to your itinerary to allow enough time to adjust and acclimatize properly.

You may choose to do this anywhere: in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, or elsewhere; but try to spend several days at your first destination if possible.  Relax, sleep, get some exercise, eat well, and always drink plenty of water.  Bottled water is available everywhere, and it’s good to have a bottle with you at all times to stay properly hydrated in the tropical climate.

Along these lines, two other handy items to carry with you are sunscreen and mosquito repellant; the last things you need on your hard-earned holiday are painful sunburn, or mosquito bites which could possibly carry disease, though this won’t be a concern unless you’re spending time in remote border areas or around large bodies of stagnant water, especially in the rainy season.

Thailand is a very safe country, but you should still exercise common sense by not showing off expensive possessions or jewelry, not talking to or going to unknown places with strangers, and staying among fellow travelers in well lit, public places.

Finally, Thailand is a conservative country with a well-defined code of etiquette.  Please respect the monarchy, the religion, and the people at all times by dressing and behaving politely, taking off your shoes when entering temples or homes, remaining calm at all times, and most importantly: smile – it is indeed the universal language, and one all Thais know so well.