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Sanam Luang
Sanam Luang


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    A vast open ground situated near the northern wall of the Grand Palace and the eastern wall of the former Viceroy Palace or Wang Na.

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Category : Parcs et jardins

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In early times, when King Rama I had defined the area of the Royal Palace, he spared a trapezoid-shaped space between the Royal Palace (or Wang Luang) and the Front Palace (or  PhraRajawangBovornSathanMongkol) for the Royal Crematorium (Phra Men) construction, and for cremation of kings, and high-ranking royal members. The first Royal Crematorium built here was for the cremation of SomdetPhraPrathomBoromMahaRajchanok (Father of King Rama I, the founder of Chakri dynasty). Therefore, the area has then called “ThungPhra Men” (the Royal Cremation Ground). When any festivals were held here, the place would always be crowded. In contrast to the time when no any events took place, ThungPhra Men was left untidy and deserted. Later, in the reign of King Rama III, the land was used as Royal rice field. Then, King Rama IV considering ThungPhra Men as a misfortunate name, so he gave a new name “Thong SanamLuang” to the place, as people call it nowadays. SanamLuang has been continuously used for different roles and purposes many times. Still, It has been used for important Royal ceremonies in every period up until now.

According to useful purposes, SanamLuang area consists of 3 zones. The 1st zone is in the South, next to the Royal Palace, which is for important Royal ceremonies. The 2nd zone is in the North, in SomdetPhraPinklao Bridge side. It is a public space for recreation, and Manila grasses plantation. The area has an automatic watering system for nourishing grasses to be fresh and green all year. The space is bedecked with shrubbery, and flower plants as well. The wetland problem at SanamLuang is also efficiently-managed.  With 3 levels of drain system; water flows from the soil surface through a fish bone shaped pipe into a main U gutter. Then, it fluxes into pubic drain system.  Next, the last zone of SanamLuang is the central road (ThanonSenKlang), for procession of the king, and royal ceremonies on major occasions.

For those who are interested to visit SanamLuang, it is located in front of WatMahathatYuwaratRangsarit, between the Royal Palace and the Front Palace (PhraRajawangBovornSathanMongkol), PhraNakorn District, Bangkok.SanamLuang is available for entrance from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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